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How Koala disrupted a sleepy mattress industry

Written by: Ellie Parker
Koala has quickly become one of Australia's fastest ever growing companies by disrupting the dinosaurs in the mattress industry. The company started with one simple mission, give customers everything they could want and more -removing associated customer pain points like massively inflated retail markups, outdated and redundant technology, cheap and nasty imports, pushy salespeople and slow, inconvenient delivery.

1. Cutting out inflated retail markup by selling directly to you!

Salesmen and showrooms mean complicated & inflated pricing!

Buying a mattress usually means trekking around town listening to impressive sales pitches while testing out each mattress for a whopping 15 minutes. All these middle men, flashy showrooms and additional charges hugely inflate the retail cost. We cut out all of this by designing, making, selling and delivering the mattress directly to you so we can offer you the highest quality mattress at an honest price.

2. Trial the mattress for 120 nights riskfree!

Because its an investment in your wellbeing

A mattress is a large investment in the future of your health. Instead of laying on a mattress for 10 mins on an unpleasant showroom floor. Koala will let you trial the mattress, in you own home for 120 nights. If for whatever reason you don't like the Koala mattress or fall in love with it, Koala will come and pick up the mattress free of charge, and give you a full refund.

Yes thats right, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

3. Free delivery to your door in 4 hours.

Because moving a mattress is a pain in the back! Literally

Koala uses the latest compression technology to pack the mattress into a convenient box. No more struggling to carry and squeeze a heavy, oversized mattress up stairwells and through doorways. This is the fastest mattress delivery service in the world, simply order online and receive your mattress within 4 hours. AMAZING!

4. Zero Disturbance Technology

Stop getting woken up by your partner

Gone are the days of being woken by your partner tossing and turning or hopping in and out of the bed. Koalas world-first zero disturbance technology means you can sleep through the night - even with someone doing sleep acrobatics next to you.

5. Australian Made

Profits shouldn't get in the way of quality & the environment.

Koala believes it’s very important to have Australian made mattresses, this gives Koala full control over the quality and sustainability of their products, as well as creating more jobs for Aussies. Only the best and innovative materials can be found in Australia, so if you want the best mattress, it has to be Australian made.

6. Modern Mattress Technology

Why sleep in the past when the future is here!

The mattress industry has been selling the same materials and technology for years, Koala saw a need to shake up a sleepy industry. Using world first bedding materials and state of the art Australian manufacturing to create a futuristic and downright comfortable sleeping experience.

Although Koala has done a great job at removing the pain points within the mattress industry. Koala has stated that they will not stop there, continuing to innovate and improve the products and services wherever they can. Developing state of the art bedding materials and sleep products to ensure Australia gets a great nights rest and at an honest and fair price.

Why not see how good the mattress is for yourself by taking them up on their risk-free 120-night trial.

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