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Protecting our Koalas for the future

We're not only on a mission to enhance your sleeping experience. We're on a mission to protect the future of one of our national icons.

Yes, that’s right. When you buy a Koala Mattress you’ll also be adopting a real live Koala in a partnership with the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie. Upon your purchase, you’ll be sent an official certificate of adoption and you’re always welcome to drop by and say hello to our koala family.

Your adoption helps with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas with the goal of releasing healthy koalas back into the wild. You’ll also be helping to preserve and expand the Koala’s natural habitat while also collecting information for research, relating to habitat, disease, nutrition and behaviours of wild koalas.

When you purchase a Koala Mattress, your wonderful contribution will not only support sick and injured Koalas, but also conserve, protect, and restore their natural habitat to prevent the Koala reduction and extinction.

The Koala Hospital

The Koala Hospital consists of a Treatment Room, eight Intensive Care Units, six Outdoor Intensive Care Units and thirty-three Rehabilitation Yards. Many of these areas aim to recreate their natural habitat with trees for koalas to learn to climb as part of the rehabilitation process. The Koala Hospital is not only a hospital to treat sick and injured koalas but it is also involved in vital research with the University of Sydney, the University of Technology Queensland and the Australian Museum.

Koala Conservation

Unfortunately, Koala habitats are rapidly being diminished by human development. Port Macquarie has the largest population of koalas on the East Coast of Australia and the local Koala Hospital owns and cares for large swaths of land to ensure the protection of wild Koala populations. As part of your Koala Mattress purchase, you will help conserve, protect, and restore the Koala’s natural habitat helping to maintain their numbers.

Conservation efforts like these not only benefit Koalas, it also assists other local fauna and flora, especially the conservation of reliant species, to survive alongside the Koala.

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